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Maryland State Department of Education/Office of Child Care

Maryland Child Care Credentialing Program

The credentialing program continues to see an increase in new applications and reactivation of expired applications. Child care teachers are encouraged to continue to participate in the program. Funding is limited but is available and bonuses will be awarded to eligible recipients. The program continues to credential child care teachers and to date we have credentialed approximately 12,400 child care providers.

Change in Procedure for Credentialing Process
The Credentialing Branch will no longer send out “Blue Cards”. Providers may call the DECD help desk at 1-877-605-1539 or e-mail to inquire about the status of their application.

Training Voucher Reimbursement Program Changes

Due to an increase in the number of applications and limited funding available, beginning January 1, 2012 the annual voucher and reimbursement allotment will be reduced from $400 to $200. In addition, awards will be assigned according to the income of all applicants who are eligible for an award, with higher priority given to applicants with the lowest incomes as reported on the previous year’s tax form.

The Office of Child Care will continue to make training voucher and reimbursement awards until an award has been made to each eligible applicant or as long as funds are available.

The chart below shows the income guidelines that will be used for setting priority for awards. Applicants making less than the State Median Income shown in the chart, by family size, will receive priority for an award. After awards are made to applicants meeting the income priority, all other applications will be reviewed and awards made as long as funds are available.

The Training Voucher/Reimbursement program applications have been revised; you may download the new applications at:

Maryland State Median Income
(SMI) by Family Size

Family Size State Medium Income
1 $52,735
2 $68,962
3 $85,187
4 $101,997
5 $117,638
6 $133,865
7 $136,908
8 $139,950
9 $142,993
10 $146,035

Future Changes to the Credentialing Program

  • Providers applying to become credentialed will be required to take additional trainings in the future to meet the requirements for Levels Two, Three and Four. Updates will be provided in the Partners Newsletter.
  • Credentialing program applications have been revised and can be downloaded from the MSDE website at

Child Care Career and Professional Development Fund Update

  • Due to reduction in funding, MSDE will not be accepting new applications for the CCCPDF program until further notice. Participants who are currently approved will continue receiving funding as long as funds are available. Participants are required to submit yearly continuation applications.